Achievements in August 2019


Achievements in August 2019

Achievements in August 2019

-World Mathematic Invitation (WMI) 2019

Audrey Nasya Aurellya (Silver Medal)

Farrel Aldridge (Silver Medal)

Kenzie Alifqy Suwarjana (Bronze Medal)

- Marvin Delano Al Mahogra (Primary 4 Student)

The First Winner of Regional Competition "TROFEO TALENTA SOCCER KIDS 2019" On 25 August 2019 in Disjas Cimahi

- Kashvi Khalifah Vernando (Primary 4 Student)

First Winner of National Competition "Piala Progresif Nasional" Winning twice in a row, in 2018 & 2019

- Nawwaf Aqil Mufti (Primary 4 Student)

Second Winner of National Competition

"Piala Progresif Nasional"


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