Achievements in November 2019


Achievements in November 2019

- The 4th National Trans Studio Bandung Robotics Competition on 19 December 2019

Habib and Shawa (Primary 2) got The Third Winner

- Bronze Award in TIMO (Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad)

Athalla Galeno Zahran (Primary 4B)

Annida Qoulan Sadida (Primary 1B)

- Bronze Medal at SINGA - Math Global Competition 

Athalla Galeno Zahran, Danish Abyan, nayla Celmira Queenie Fajri

- Achievements from Primary 6 in TRY-OUT UN se Jawa Barat

Kirani Rizky Aulia Khairunnisa First Winner

Audrey Nasya Aurellya Fourth Winner 

Meisya Renata Ratu Adiva Fifth Winner

- Adia (Primary 4) got Gold and Silver Medal in National Gymnastic Competition 2019 in Jakarta

- Bryant (Primary 5) got Bronze Medal in UIN Taekwondo Championship (Over 34 Kg) in Bandung. 

- Malkya (Primary 5) got Bromze Medal in UIN Taekwondo Championship (Over 45 Kg) in Bandung. 


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