Achievements of DHIS Primary Wushu Team


Achievements of DHIS Primary Wushu Team

Congratulations to DHIS Primary Wushu Team for the 1st, 2nd and 5th place (category 1-3) and the 3rd place (category 4-6) in Trimulia Wushu Competition. We are proud of you.

The 1st Place:

1. Indira P3A

2. Beyna P3A

3. Iruna P3A

4. Shakeela P3A

5. Nafeera P3B

6. Sazkia P3B

The 2nd place:

1. Gagah P2B

2. Laiqa P2B

3. Khanza P2B

4. Kayla P2B

5. Denisha P2A

6. Kania P1C 

The 3rd place:

1. Rasya P4B

2. Galang P4B

3. Miqdad P4A

4. Arya P4A

5. Dellisha P3B

The 5th place:

1. Esto P1C

2. Biru P1C

3. Kanza P1A

4. Shafa P3A


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