Superior Room

During this pandemic children still need activities to keep their days handy. There are several activities that can be done at home, here is the list:1. Crafting2. Playing Board Games3. Gardening4. Redecorating5. Cooking6. In-House Camping7. Playing Music Instruments8. Playing Sports Games Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels [...]

Superior Room

There are several ways to bond with your children during a pandemic. These ways include:1. Forgive every flaws they have with a hug 2. Play with them as often as you can 3. Cook their favorite meal 4. Build or craft something together as family project 5. Learn what they like todo at home and involve 6. Pray together about their wishes 7. Make them laugh as often as you can (give some jokes [...]

Superior Room

Video siswa SMP mem-bully guru viral di media sosial. Dalam video berdurasi 30 detik tersebut, terlihat beberapa murid laki-laki sedang mengerumuni gurunya sambil bernyanyi dan berjoged. Bahkan, salah satu siswa terlihat naik ke atas meja guru. Sang guru terlihat hanya terdiam saja. Belakangan diketahui bahwa video ini di ambil di salah satu SMP swasta yang terletak di Cilincing, Jakarta Utara.Tak [...]

Superior Room

Modern life refers to progressive life with so many facilities that guaranted our comfortable in life. Such as facilities in food, drink,  transportation, communication even entertainment. Everything is being synthetic and instant. That amazing progressive life has change our life style in significant scale. Consequently, those change give us such positive and negative effects. Positively, it giv [...]


Darul Hikam Integrated School Primary is part of Darul Hikam Foundation established in 2007 and was the first islamic international school in Bandung.