Field Trip to Tahu Susu Lembang


Field Trip to Tahu Susu Lembang

DHIS (Darul Hikam Integrated School) Primary students visited "Tahu Susu Lembang" Jl. Raya Lembang 177, Bandung Barat. And "Taman Begonia" Jl. Maribaya 120, Bandung Barat.

Tahu Susu Lembang is a culinary destination for residents of West Java who are already familiar. This place is specifically produces tofu. So The students can see the manufacturing process and buy various types of tofu offered.  Beside tofu, there are also various other foods such as fried bananas, etc.

Begonia Park is also a very beautiful tourist spot by beautiful plants. The students were introduced to various ornamental plants and how to care for them.


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