Guest Teachers: Continued


Guest Teachers: Continued

Some parents participated in class activities. They became Guest Teachers at DHIS (Darul Hikam Integrated School) Primary. 

In Primary 4 got topic about Time Management with Mr Fajar Sulaiman Noviandi and Mrs Sendika Nugraha Nurul Tatika, the parents of Nayla Celmira Queeni Fajri (Primary 4B).

In Primary 1 got topic about  Global Warming with Mr Armi Susandi, the parent of Alika Jennalee (Primary 1D)

In Primary 3 got topic about Skin Health with Mr Achmad Herrada Yusmindar, dr. Sp. KK., the parent of Chiarra (Primary 3B)

In Primary 6 got topic about Zero TBC 2021 with Dr. Nova Ridha, SpPD., the parent of Faizah Nuraini.

In Primary 5 got topic about Eating More Fruits and Vegotables with Mrs. Mira Ratna Asri M, the parent of Raysha Yumna Alifah (Primary 5A). 

Thank you for your kindness to share a fun and meaningful lesson to the students.


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