Our Shared Values


Our Shared Values

The 10 “Akhlaq” and Pretigious of Darul Hikam

  1. To worship and perform shalat jama’ah diligently 
  2. Be disciplined and possess a hard working attitude
  3. To maintain a healthy and clean environment, with a no-smoking area
  4. To implement Islamic behaviour between ikhwan and akhwat 
  5. To behave and speak politely
  6. To cooperate and care for each other in harmony 
  7. Be honest and responsible for each other 
  8. Be independent and be always forthcoming in showing kindness
  9. To implement amar ma’ruf and nahyi munkar as a personal responsibility
  10. To observe Islamic traditions to achieve goals and god willing to become truly an excellent person

Taqwa Character Building (TCB) Values



... Darul Hikam Integrated School is established to give the enlightment (tanweer) through Tarbiyah (education) and ...



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