Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision 
“To become the best of Islamic International School in West Java with Akhlaq and Prestigious cultural as identity”

Our Mission 
Darul Hikam International School Primary’s Mission are :
  1. To implement and develop Islamic and General Education based on national curriculum and international curriculum (Cambridge Curriculum) integratedly and with international high quality to bring out leaders with moral and achievement for the next generation.
  2. To implement professional education management system to strengthen the quality and image of the existence of Islamic international school in the national education system.
  3. To create a human resources professional and committed to strengthening the mission of Islamic education.
  4. To develop internal and external relationship to strengthen the educational mission and implementation of da’wah islamiyah.
School’s Purpose 
  1. To develop students who have the high academic and non academic achievements in West Java.
  2. To develop students who have ability to high thinking and international communication.
  3. To has a students who have the character of Taqwa with Akhlaq and Prestigious cultural.


Darul Hikam Integrated School Primary is part of Darul Hikam Foundation established in 2007 and was the first islamic international school in Bandung.