School Rules


School Rules

  1. Arriving at school 10 minutes before the morning  assembly takes place.
  2. Wearing the assigned uniform and attributes.
  3. Taking the Students Guide Book to school at all Times.
  4. Participating in all activities. 
  5. Taking personal shalat equipment and attire. 
  6. Carrying out all the tasks given by the school committee and the teachers.
  7. Getting acquainted with and obtaining signatures from the committee, teachers,  seniors, institutional and foundation staffs.
  8. Respecting the good name of the school.
  9. Being respectful to everyone.
  10. Participating in all events with good behavior and constant discipline.


Darul Hikam Integrated School Primary is part of Darul Hikam Foundation established in 2007 and was the first islamic international school in Bandung.