Webinar Parenting


Webinar Parenting

We often see different behaviors of our sons and daughters.

For example, our son is more mischievous, while maybe our daughter is weeping easily. Moreover, maybe girls are more obedient than boys, although they get same education, facilities and genes...

How could it happen? 

It's because boys and girls have different brain development, so they have different ways of thinking. Therefore, how we treat each of them is also different according to their condition. 

✨ Darul Hikam Integrated School Primary presents: ✨

-Parenting Webinar-

Neuroparenting Skill For Boys and Girls or Cara Pengasuhan Anak Laki-Laki dan Perempuan Sesuai Kerja Otaknya

With dr. Aisah Dahlan, CHt., CM., NLP. 

(Drug Abuse Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Neuroparenting Skill Practitioner) 

🗓️ Saturday, 06 November 2021

⏰ 08.30-11.00 

💻 via Zoom Application

🔘 Registration:


🔘 Ticket: 30K (Eksternal Participants)

🔘 Transfer to Bank Mandiri with Account Number 

130 00 02265620 (Yemima Irwanti)

🔘 Include: E-Certificate

🔘 CP: Ms. Tyas 



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